When I’m not making art or scurrying around after my young daughter, I'm out running.

I started running just after my daughter was born initially just as a way to keep fit. Then, (as any runner will nod knowingly) the bug took hold, and before I knew it I was doing competitive races and longer distances. Recently, I've started to focus more on ‘off-road’ or trail running. I spent some time in the stunningly beautiful mountains of northern Greece a couple of years ago and that got me onto ultra-distance off-road events. So far my longest run has been 100km in the Hajar Mountains in the north of the United Arab Emirates. 

What I hadn't realised when I started running was how much of an impact it would have on how I make art. Somewhere in the many miles covered each week I found the freedom and clarity of mind to develop new ideas and create work. As I built up endurance and pushed my physical limits, the work evolved into new directions far beyond what I had thought possible.

I've also met some amazing people on my journey so far as a runner, who have taught me that connecting with others is ultimately what it’s all about.
I hope to do more of that through my art.