Question Conditioning

About Question Conditioning

This body of work (begun in 2010) was created during a period of intense turmoil in my personal life. It is said that the act of creating art can be immensely therapeutic, and this collection in particular very much helped my process of understanding and dealing with the pain I was experiencing at the time. 

Throughout this period I became increasingly aware of the ‘systems’ we live by;  social and cultural conditioning, beliefs, routines and self-imposed rules, opinions and projections. I began to explore their reality and subsequent impact (both positive and negative) on our lives. I also observed how fragile these systems can be when set against a backdrop of conflict on a personal and then across a broader level.  

This series represents a set of observations and conclusions I’ve come to based those explorations. I spent a great deal of time collecting and developing imagery; layers upon layers of drawings, paintings, and photographs scanned in and developed digitally. The work was predominantly digital in its production (more so than my more recent work) because of the need to modify it with great speed; capturing observations as they become clear. 

Each individual piece is therefore, a snapshot of a viewpoint, a question or an understanding.