I get asked a lot about how my art is made, and what 'medium' it is.

It’s a little difficult to put into some sort of classification because it’s an amalgamation of techniques I’ve developed over the years, but essentially it falls somewhere in between digital, assemblage and collage. I appreciate that description doesn’t help much, so here’s an outline of the process I use.

Each piece or collection starts life in a notebook as a written idea. Unlike many artists, I don’t work visually in the initial phase of developing ideas, preferring instead to map out my thoughts as words. This method works particularly well during creative ‘dry’ periods and helps get ideas flowing again.

The actual works themselves consist of many layers of drawings, photographs and paintings manipulated digitally. I’m obsessed with patterns and texture and spend many hours rearranging layers of data on a screen until they make sense to me. 

The final output could be a digital print on archival paper, which is then overlaid with inks, varnishes, paints, Swarovski crystals, beads, pins and thread. More recently, I've worked with new surfaces such as mylar (a semi-transparent drafting film), I'm also fascinated with potential for translating my digital ideas into laser cut pieces and my latest collections demonstrate this.

Many of the pieces are about a sense of identity, or finding one’s way or place in life, a journey which I feel compelled to share through my work.