Portrait of a City

I see the world in pattern and texture and colour, arranging information on paper or screen until it unfolds as a piece of art. A visual language, built from marks and shapes, grid, lines and shades and colour presents a perspective of the world around me, shouting in shades of neon, with whispers in tiny detail and shimmer of crystal. 

Obsessed with layering, I spend countless hours reworking arrays of colour and line applied over a background of maps, architectural blueprints, charts and patterns to creating a narrative about a place or point in time. 

I love cities; the noise, smell, the sense of being surrounded by urban systems and social networks. I’m endlessly fascinated by wandering backstreets, soaking up the buzz and bustle. The best way to explore a city is on foot and, as I’m a distance runner, this collection of work began while out tracing city streets during one of many runs. 

The routes of my wanderings became lines within the pieces, winking lights and the rushing buzz of night provided fields of colour, quietness of the morning became the space between details.

There is a moment each day before the dawn where everything in a city goes suddenly and completely silent. If you’re lucky enough to catch that moment, it serves as a reminder to stop and breathe, to reflect. I had that opportunity recently during a long run and I paused to look out over the city I call home. I had a flash of perspective on life in an urban landscape and the frantic pace with which we live; and made a mental note to remember to slow down once in a while. Then a bird called, a car passed by and the clatter and noise began again. 

I have worked to capture some of that perspective and further reflections in this series.