Ode to the Sea

About Ode to the Sea

This series of work began with a simple observation from a friend.We were out paddling surf-ski’s (a very long, 5-6 meters, and narrow, 40-50cm wide kayak, designed for long distance and navigating big waves) one morning somewhere near the Abu Dhabi corniche. I was sweating and quietly swearing as I struggled to master the skill of a sport I had taken up only a few weeks earlier, determined to keep up, but failing miserably with sore arms and blistered hands.

My friend who has a wonderful habit of stopping and pointing out the beauty in things particularly with the outdoors, noted how the early light was reflecting on the surface of the water and the waves.We paused for a few minutes to enjoy the scene around us. Needless to say I forgot (for a moment) about the aches and blisters.

What began with a few small studies of the sea, the movement of the waves and the contours created by light reflecting on the surface, became one of the most complex collections of work that I have attempted so far.

There is something quite spectacular about the colour of the sea off the coast of the Emirates. The bright turquoise blue of the shallows morphing into vivid cobalt in the deep. Most of the year the water is calm and the surface often flat as a mirror.The days I enjoy most are those few when the wind has blown up a storm and the waves run wild.

In the sea many of us find a sense of contemplation, wonder, solace, and a reminder that there is an eternity far beyond our short time here. I hope the observations provided in this series capture a small part of that powerful beauty.